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 Car Boot on the field
Every Sunday
(Weather Permitting)



Located just off the A4 Bath Road is Thatcham Memorial Ground, home to Thatcham's biggest boot sale. Thatcham Memorial Hall and Grounds is a registered charity (charity number 300214). The money raised helps maintain the grounds and make improvements for the community.
Sellers can arrive any time after 08.00. Buyers will be let in at 08.30 so get there early if you want time to set up and grab a coffee from Flipper's catering van.
We have space for 150+ sellers and free parking for 300+ buyer vehicles. If you are a buyer please remember to park sensibly, it does get very busy but if you are struggling to find a space contact a marshall who will try to help. We have a large overflow car park as well as limited disabled spaces.
Sellers are not permitted to sell illegal, hazardous or products that are not suitable to be displayed at a family based event.
Prohibited items include but are not limited to alcohol, tobacco products, firearms, fireworks, knives or weapons, explicit material, livestock and counterfeit or stolen items. If such items are found on display they will be asked to remove them from sale. If a seller is found to be displaying counterfeit, contraband or stolen items staff will take your registration number and contact the police or trading standards (this is a legal requirement).

Early Bird £2 per person
After 9am £1 per person
After 10.30am 50p per person
Under 16's free with an adult
Cars £6
Vans £8
Trailers +£2

Call / Text    07450 989831
Please note this number is not manned 24/7 so please text where possible and we will answer as soon as possible

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