Have you a club that is looking for a new home.  Maybe a special celebration that requires a large hall and kitchen facilities.  Or you have a passion and a ambition to teach others to bake etc.   
 Well we believe we have the venue here for you at the Memorial in 2019. 

A funeral can be one of life's most upsetting and difficult occasions, but here at the Thatcham Memorial Hall we are always pleased to be able to take the stress out of at least one. Contact the clerk on 01635 868244 for more information


   We are interested in the following clubs to join us here at the Memorial 
   Zumba, Tia chi, Yoga and Yoga for the Blind  birthdays, Pilates, Cooking Club, Anniversaries, I.T.Training, Art Group, Florist Group, Choir,  Modern Dance, Toddlers Group and others as they present themselvesSmall Business meetings, Book Club,Poetry Club, Knitting and Sowing, Play Groups.

Anyone for tennis contact the club for more details

Thatcham Bowling Club

Thatcham Cricket club

            All the above sporting events take place at the Thatcham Memorial                                                                                              Ground

   Lawsons Circus  came to visit us during June and what a fantastic circus. Car park full each day to see the many acts. Lets hope they come back again soon  

Outdoor Car Boot Sale
every Sunday
weather permitting

See our latest selection of paintings on web-page Paintings for sale. Click here to visit.

      Contact the clerk on 01635 868244 for more information

There are just over 40Kwp of solar panels installed that benefit the Memorial Hall, Scouts, and Bowling Club by helping to reduce their energy bills and at the same time helps reduce carbon emissions

                        Dr Nick Young from Heart Start is photographed with 
                                                 the Trustees of the Memorial Hall.

                        It is with thanks to Nick and Heartstart team that the Memorial hall                              

                  now have in place a defibulator for members of the public if and when the
                    need arises. A wonderful gesture and so proud to be associated with the
                                     hard work that Heartstart is known for, thank you.