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Welcome to the contact page for the Royal Berkshire branch of the Oddfellows. Please get in touch using the information above button to find out more about your local Branch or to attend one of our social events.

The Oddfellows is a not-for-profit friendly society that relies on the good will of members and volunteers to deliver services. As such, there may not be someone at all of our branches and lodges to answer your query. If you are unable to make contact, please contact staff at our Unity Office in Manchester; Tel: 0800 028 1810 
Who we are
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Celebrating over 200 years of making friends and helping people, we’re a mutual, not for profit friendly society with the aim of ensuring that our 280,000 members, across 146 Branches, join together to enjoy the social side of life, as well as providing care advice and support in times of need.
We’re one of the largest Branch based Friendly Societies that continues to innovate by developing new and improved services for our members. With a growing international membership, we’ve a number of Branches abroad including those in Bermuda, South Africa and New Zealand to name just a few.
The Oddfellows has no political or religious affiliations - membership is open to all, regardless of age, sex, political persuasion, religion, race or disability. Quite simply: We encourage members to build upon their friendship networks with others across the UK, and overseas, by socialising and showing mutual support

Join our social activities
Expand your social circles by becoming part of the Oddfellows friendship clubs. Our events calendar is filled with days out, trips and local activities that let you branch out and make new friends.
The Oddfellows provides members with a chance to socialise with like-minded people, with social groups across the UK that are open to everyone. New local activities and daytime and evening events are added to our calendar every week, so you can easily fill up your social diary with coffee mornings, supper clubs, countryside walks and theatre visits.
With such a wide choice of local activities and days out available, you can try your hand at something completely new, pick up an old hobby or simply make new friends in a welcoming and stimulating environment. Search for your local Oddfellows friendship groups, and feel free to come along for a taster.