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Memorial Hall and Playing field History.
 1945:(Jan) Mr Alfred Gibbs proposes that a suitable war memorial should take the form of a hall and playing field combined. This idea is supported by the Parish Council and the formation of a committee consisting of twenty-one representatives of various groups in Thatcham agreed.
1972 (Jan) Council approves the amended draft scheme for the administration of the Memorial Playing fields.Under this scheme the Parish Council will become sole trustee - it will take over the functions of the existing memorial hall and Playing Fields Association. Members agree that the schem will come into operation on the 1st April 1972 if this can be arranged.
1974 (Oct) New charges for games and other activities on the Memorial Playing Fields are agreed. These include - Thatcham Bowls club £100 per season, Thatcham Cricket club £100 per season, Newbury and Thatcham Hockey club £175 per season for two pitches. Football will be charged at £2 per game (adults) and £1 per game (under 16) plus £1.50 for hall and kitchens in each case. The hockey charge will be £4 per game plus £1 per half hour for hall, etc. All charges are to begin 1st Oct 1974.
(Oct) The tennis court to get much needed new surface.The existing tennis courts are to be refenced and resurfaced as soon as possible so as to ensure they are ready for Spring 1975.
(Nov) The Memorial Charity premises are to be closed to the public for one day each year. This is to maintain the trustee's legal claim that access to the premises is by 'permission only'. By this means the establishing of any public right of way in or through the premises is legally impended.
1979 (Mar) During the night of March 4/5th,a serious fire burnt out some 50 feet of the roof space of the new Scout/Bowls club building. This was, in the opinion of the chief fire officer, a case of arson. Council is to offer a reward of £100 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the fire.
(May) The memorial Playing Fields Pavilion has been set on fire. The large changing room has been completely destroyed; the main pavilion room and smaller changing room have been damaged. The cost of repair has been estimated to exceed £2,000. Council decides (as trustee) to construct a new pavilion at the earliest possible date.
1980 (Nov) The Mayor of Thatcham reports that the 0.81 acre of the playing fields was sold at auction on the 8th November 1979. It realized the sum of £107,000.
1980 (Apr) Twenty-two members and their husbands/wives have indicated their intention to take part in the annual bowls match between Thatcham Bowls club and the Town Council on 21st May.
1981 (Feb) A memorial Hall, measuring 90 ft by 40 ft is to be built. It will incorporate a main hall, lounge/committee room with bar, kitchen, toilets and a store area. The cost will be about £80,000 plus furniture,fittings and flooring for the main hall,giving a total of about £95,000, of which £80,000 will come from the Memorial Hall & Playing Fields Foundation and up to £15,000 from Thatcham Town Council.
1982 (Feb) Although the Council no longer acts as trustee of the playing Fields charity, itis able to appoint three representatives to the MPF Charity's Management Committee. Councillors Barrett, Hutchings and Pickersgill are elected to serve.
1988 (Oct) War Memorial not to be re-sited.After hearing details (from Mr Wright) of the difference in cost between resiting and renovating the Memorial cross, members of the Council agree that it should remain at its present location and repairs be carried out. A sum of £10,000 is to be set aside in the 1989/90 budget for the renovation of the cross.
The above information was taken from the book 'Thatcham 1895 - 1995 Through The Eyes of a clerk' written by Roy Brian Tubbs. Our thanks go to him for the inclusion and history of the Memorial Hall & Playing Field entries.  
  Memorial Hall Board of Trustees 2018-2019
Chairman & Council Representative:                          Councillor Nathan Gregory
Vice Chairman & Bowls Representative:                     Mr Jim Wood
Trustee,  Honourary Treasurer, Website & Media:   Mr Phil Dewsbury
Trustee:                                                                               Mr Fred Jones
Trustee:                                                                               Mr Owen Jeffery
Trustee:                                                                               Mr Mike Farmer
Council Representative:                                                  Councillor Rob Denton-Powell
Council Representative:                                                  Councillor Mike Cole
Cricket Club Representative:                                          Mr Nick Cornish
Scouts Representative:                                                    Mrs Sandra Bailey
Tennis Club Representative:                                           Mrs Fran McMenemy
Women's Institute Representative:                               Mrs Dorothy Hind

Memorial Hall Staff

Clerk to the Trustees & Operations Manager:            Mrs Karen Pitt
Caretaker:                                                                           Mr Gary Lewis


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